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2022 Digital Trend

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

For small business owners, the thought of building their own website, or having one built by a stranger in another country, is intimidating and often leads to a non-action roadblock. Creating a website should not be a scary process but rather a fun, engaging experience with clear communication, at least that is my promise to my clients. If you are in the roadblock category, an exciting trend in the website design world will help you get unstuck and discovered online!

Exciting 2022 Digital Trend

While traditional multi-page websites are appropriate for many of my clients, a current trend, is one-page websites. The concept is obviously not new but it is becoming more common and for several reasons, which include:

· Accessible Information

· Clean and Concise Design

· Cost-effective

Let’s discuss a bit more.

The concept of a landing page communicating who you are, how to get in touch, and showcasing your brand in a clear and concise way not only achieves the goal of connecting with customers but also establishes your company online. Additionally, less pages means a reduced initial investment. Who doesn’t love saving money!? Plus, consumers who can quickly find the information they need are more likely to reach out and that is a win-win for everyone.

What about growth and future pages?

The beauty of this one-page concept is the ability to add pages, as needed, in the future for a truly customized website. Let’s say you are ready to begin selling your products online (did someone say e-commerce?) or want to display your work in a gallery layout, your website can and should grow with your business and its success.


If this sounds like something that fits your company, feel free to reach out to me to discuss.

Until then,


Julie Harvick

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