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Conquering Your Domain…Name!

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Do you have a side hustle, small business, or new venture that is taking off? Well, first of all, congratulations! The next big question is do you have your domain name secured? This is the very first question I ask clients and while it may seem simple, it is one that a “no” response can lead to a host of other issues when establishing yourself online.

What is worse than your company name being taken when starting a business…having a business name that has the domain taken by another company!

The issue?

You established an awesome local business with a catchy name. Your clients and customers are asking if you have a website so you start to Google your company name only to find a savvy shop owner in Wisconsin has swooped in and snagged your ideal domain name with a premium .com. Well, you don’t want your business being confused with a shop in Wisconsin when you have a solid following in your home state (no offense Wisconsin, we love you too!).


Jane’s Fondue is a booming little company that is gaining momentum but when Jane comes to me to build her a website, I discover that is already occupied by either a clever individual who already thought of that unique name or an already established company elsewhere in the country. (Both of these examples have happened to clients of mine).

What does Jane do?

Jane has to either pay a premium for a domain name or come up with an alternative that doesn’t necessarily match her company name (not an ideal business move).

Why is this important?

When a company, big or small, establishes itself and grows to a point of needing online services, it is best to establish an online presence that mirrors the physical presence, including a web address that one might naturally think to search for. After all, your domain name is how you are found online and drives SEO!

What do you do?

Research! Research your company name prior to filing with the state (if possible) or you will need to get super creative with your domain name for your already established company. For example, I secured my domain name and the domain names that are similar before filing my papers with the state of Texas. The last thing you want is to send online traffic to a competitor or, worse, be affiliated with a not-so-great company.


Google domains is a favorite of mine but there are many others out there too. Be wary, there are overpriced domain names just like there are overpriced used cars.

Reach out if you need help in this area or any other website related need!

Until then,


Julie Harvick

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