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To Build, or Not to Build

Does your small business need a website?

Websites allow you to showcase your business and control every element of content and branding. While social media is an important marketing tool, your posts can easily get buried and missed by potential customers. Additionally, websites establish a relationship with potential clients, early on. When customers cannot find a business online, it is essentially a missed sales opportunity, which no business, large or small, should take lightly.

Can I create my own website?

You sure can! However, many free websites will inundate your potential customer with ads, that will likely shorten their visit or leave your customer frustrated, rather than informed. Using an individual contractor to create a site that fits your needs, and allows your customers to browse uninterrupted, is the ideal website solution and one that should not cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Reach out to me today, if your existing site needs an upgrade, or if you are ready to begin from the ground up.

Julie Harvick

Funkytown Web Solutions LLC

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